Spectacular-Spaces ... "Reinventing Homes for the Discerning Eye"
We had over 70 groups of potential buyers come through our house and not an offer was written. Then we hired Spectacular-Spaces and with their knowledge and creativity, we came back on the market and offers that exceeded our expectations came rolling in.

~ Chris Barnard, Century 21 Commonwealth, Winchester, MA

Spectacular-Spaces is a full service design firm serving the Boston Area.

We are committed to helping people maximize the appearance and appeal of their properties. Offering a full suite of Home Staging and Design services, we work with homeowners, Real Estate agents, builders, developers and office managers.

For our Staging clients our goal is to sell their properties as quickly as possible for the highest price. For our clients who want to continue living or working in their existing space, but may want to improve or change the look and feel of their space we offer a full range of affordable design services.

Whether you are selling a property or your current space needs a complete change or "face lift", we are at your service to save you time, help you avoid costly mistakes, and offer you professional advice and affordable design services.

For Those Selling

Through a process called Home Staging, the certified design professionals at Spectacular-Spaces systematically assess properties and make changes that highlight their unique selling features. We make changes to ensure that those features are highlighted in a way to appeal to the broadest base of likely buyers. We creatively "set the stage" for prospective home buyers to visualize themselves in the seller's home. By doing so, we help our clients achieve faster property sales at higher prices. Put the power of Home Staging to work for your property sales efforts. You'll be amazed at the impact it will have on your home or listing; the results are proven to drive buyers to a faster purchase.

Staging Services for Clients Selling Properties - At Spectacular-Spaces, one of our primary objectives is to be highly flexible in meeting our clients' needs. We realize that homeowners have a range of Staging needs, different budgets, and varied skills of their own that they can apply in home staging efforts. For these reasons, we offer a wide range of varied staging services that homeowners can take advantage of on an as-needed or a la carte basis.

For Those in Need of Design Services

Great design should be beautiful, long lasting and affordable. For those who want to improve the quality of their living space in an affordable way, Spectacular-Spaces Design Service is a great solution. We are skilled in developing creative solutions and innovative ideas; no project is too large or too small. We incorporate the clients' individuality and personal style into every project, whether it is a single room project or an entire home renovation. Regardless of the size of the project, we offer a wide range of services and styles to accommodate the desires of our clients. Every project is a reflection of our clients' ideas and requirements.

Decorating and Design Services - At Spectacular-Spaces, we realize that home owners have a range of design needs. They may simply need a different set of eyes, or a designer’s touch to add some flair. Or they may be busy professionals who want to outsource design tasks to a service provider they can trust to do the job according to their specifications. To meet these client needs, Spectacular-Spaces offers these affordable decorating and design services for a wide range of projects: