Spectacular-Spaces ... "Reinventing Homes for the Discerning Eye"
The design professionals from Spectacular-Spaces arrange properties - inside and out - in unique ways so that their strongest selling points are brought forward. Their process highlights a property's best features, essentially unmasking the quality and value that can often times be obscured by the present owners' design choices. We have more showings for our listed properties that have been staged than for those that have not been staged.

~ Helen Babcock, former Regional Vice President of Carlson GMAC Real Estate

Quick and Easy Staging Tips

The day a property goes on the market is comparable to “Opening Night” on Broadway - the property should be prepared, “dressed” and ready to show!!!

  1. Declutter - This is the time to get a jump start on packing.  Items can be stored, sold, donated or discarded.  Clear off counter tops, shelves and furniture surfaces.  Clean out and organize storage areas - closets, garage, basement and attic.  Prune trees and shrubbery.
  2. Clean - All interior and exterior areas should be neat and clean; they should literally sparkle.  Deep clean kitchens and baths until they shine.  Take care of any issues, such as pet odors, that could turn buyers away.
  3. Address all Necessary Repairs - A home in working order commands a higher price.  This is the time to address anything in disrepair.
  4. Neutralize the Property - The goal is to create broad buyer appeal. Remove dated wallpaper, furnishings, and carpet, if at all possible. Pack up family photos, religious articles and personal collections.  The goal is for buyers to imagine living in the home, and not feel as though they are visiting someone else's home.
  5. Connect with Potential Buyers – Now is the time to “Wow” potential buyers! Rearrange existing furniture, lighting, art and accessories to highlight the homes best selling features. Paint rooms in warm neutrals to create inviting spaces throughout the home.  To enhance curb appeal plant flowers and add potted plants of seasonal flowers. Pay special attention to the front entrance.
  6. Finishing Touches – It’s “Opening Night”!!!! Turn on the lights, open the drapes, add fresh flowers, play some soft music, relax, and get ready for offers!