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I am a true believer in staging. Staging a property adds value to that property and shortens its marketing time. In this challenging market, it is our commitment to provide our customers with all the tools we can to help sell their homes more quickly for their full value.

~ Nan Shanahan, President and Owner Shanahan Real Estate Group, Winchester, MA

Staging Services offered by Spectacular-Spaces

At Spectacular-Spaces, one of our primary objectives is to be highly flexible in meeting our clients' needs. We realize that homeowners have a range of staging needs, different budgets, and varied skills of their own that they can apply in home staging efforts. For these reasons, we offer a wide range of varied staging services that homeowners can take advantage of on an as-needed or a la carte basis.

The Staging Process

The professionals at Spectacular-Spaces employ a multi-phased approach to a staging project: Staging Consultation; Prep Work and Plan Development; Home Staging Assistance Service/Partial Staging; and Showcasing. Each phase is independent of the other, can be modified according to the client's needs and can be taken on at the client's schedule or preference.

Throughout every step of the entire process Spectacular-Spaces remains focused on the ultimate objective - to sell the property as quickly as possible for the highest price.

Staging Consultation

Our Staging Consultation begins with a visit to the property. We assess both the interior and exterior of the property as if we are the prospective buyer. We carefully examine each individual element of the property, then assess the sum of these factors to determine how best to proceed with the staging process. From this evaluation we produce a detailed assessment of the project property, citing both the positive and negative characteristics.

At the conclusion of the Staging Consultation the client is given a Personalized Staging Plan. This comprehensive report details exactly what needs to be done to prepare the property for the market so it achieves a fast sale at maximum value. It details items to remove; suggests updates and repairs; recommends arrangement of furnishings; suggests paint and wall colors; suggests decorative items and accessories to purchase; and recommends landscaping and curb appeal solutions. Clients also receive an extensive list of preferred vendors and contractors to refer to that will assist them throughout the entire moving process. The Staging Plan provides clients with flexible, affordable - and easily achievable - staging solutions. The staging consultant and real estate agent also have a copy of the Staging Plan, enabling all parties to have easy and direct access to the information enclosed in the report should any questions arise.

Prep Work and Plan Development

In this phase of the Staging Process the client has all the necessary information to prepare the property for the market. Most often, these are simple items that the homeowner, once focused on them, can take care of themselves.

If the homeowner prefers, the Spectacular-Spaces design professionals can manage the entire project and supervise any contractors, movers or manage any other aspect of the project for a modest service fee.

Home Staging Assistance Service/Partial Staging

Spectacular-Spaces' Personalized Staging Plans provide our clients with flexible, affordable - and easily achievable - staging solutions. We realize that some homeowners like to be closely involved in the staging of their properties. For these "hands on" property owners, we offer a Home Staging Assistance Service. Under this service category, homeowners can hire Spectacular-Spaces to handle any part of the project that they do not want to do on their own. It can be as little or as much of the project as the homeowner wants.

Our Home Staging Assistance Service helps homeowners to save money on their project through their work efforts, while still getting the benefit of professional home staging and the dramatic results it delivers. This flexible and affordable staging service yields a positive outcome, making Home Staging an affordable option for all property owners.


In this phase of the Staging Process we set up and arrange the furniture, accessories and artwork in the home so that it's unique and most appealing architectural and selling features are emphasized. Living spaces are enhanced by improving and highlighting the flow, function and feel of each room. Furnishings are placed strategically to create a feeling of spaciousness, to draw a buyer's interest and to generate universal appeal. It is in this phase of the Staging Process that the dramatic transformation of the home is most apparent. This is when the house gains a new energy, a new vibrancy that makes it really come alive for prospective buyers. The result is more buyer appeal and a quick sale!

If necessary, Spectacular-Spaces can supplement the homeowner's furnishings to achieve the desired affect. If the property is vacant we can furnish the entire house to bring the property to life for prospective buyers. We maintain a large inventory of rental furnishings, accessories and other items for these purposes.

We will also manage any changes needed for the exterior of the property so the grounds are also shown in the best possible light.

Additional Staging Services

Vacant and Model Home Staging

Vacant homes can be very difficult to sell. A lack of warmth in an empty home makes it difficult for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there. Real Estate statistics bear out this point, showing that vacant homes take longer to sell than houses that are furnished. While the reasons for this affect are varied and complex, one main reason is that empty houses make sellers look desperate. This gives buyers the psychological advantage and a stronger negotiating position. It's why most often, buyers generally don't pay full price for an empty house.

Empty rooms are also uninviting and appear smaller than they actually are. Without furniture, it is difficult for the average buyer to visualize how a room can look or imagine living in the space. It is helpful for prospective buyers to see furnished rooms; this helps them to gain perspective and imagine living there. The addition of furnishings makes empty rooms appear much more spacious and enables buyers to connect with the space.

When Spectacular-Spaces stages vacant properties, our objective is to furnish each room so that the positive selling features and the function, flow and feel of each room is highlighted and obvious to prospective buyers. This brings to mind a warm and inviting setting and helps to give buyers a more accurate impression of room size and different lay-out possibilities. The intent is to generate buyer appeal by creating the best visual experience possible; enabling prospective buyers to connect emotionally with the home and visualize living there. We "set the stage" for a sale.

We have an extensive inventory of quality furnishings and accessories available for monthly rental that will fill the empty space, creating the desired effect; bringing the property to life.

Furniture and Accessory Rental

We have an extensive inventory of quality furnishings and accessories available for monthly rental for our clients who are Staging a vacant property, model home or who need to supplement their existing furnishings with some new pieces.

Curb Appeal and Landscape Staging

It is a well known fact in Real Estate circles that prospective home buyers begin to develop their initial impressions of a property the moment they step onto it and after viewing its photos online. Therefore it is equally as important to stage the exterior of a property as it is the interior. To achieve this instant, positive impact, Spectacular-Spaces offers Curb Appeal and Landscape Staging services.

Curb Appeal and Landscape Staging is more than merely placing a pot of flowers on the front porch or hanging a wreath on the front door. It is about the overall impression prospective buyers get of the front of the house. The front facade of a house is a key area of the property that will have a direct impact on its sale. This includes the front lawn, trees and shrubs, the flower beds, the front walk and driveway, the condition of the exterior of the house and the front door. In short, it encompasses everything a prospective buyers sees when they look at the house from the curb or from the exterior photos online.

Virtual Staging

Not all homeowners feel the need for a Staging Consultation or the other staging services services we offer. For these homeowners we offer two different Virtual Staging Services that can be employed as an alternative resource as they prepare their property for the real estate market. This service is also available for the exterior of a property as well. The front facade of a house is a key area of the house that will have a direct impact on its sale. 

  1. Ask a Staging Professional a Question
    If you have a Staging question or questions about preparing or showcasing your property that you would like answered before you present it on the market, email your question or questions along with the appropriate photos and we'll answer it. Questions will be answered within two days after receiving the question and payment. For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The fee for this service is $15.00 per question.
  2. Virtual Staging By Room
    If you are going to stage one or more of your rooms yourself but need some guidance and direction as to the best approach for each room, email us the following information for each room you would like to stage: the function of the room, photos taken from each corner of the room, the room dimensions (length x width x ceiling height), the number of windows and doors, the adjacent rooms, the exposure (south facing, north facing etc.), your staging budget and any other information that you think may be helpful. We will review the information and send you a Staging Plan that will best present this room to a prospective home buyer. The Staging Plan will include suggestions for furniture arrangement using the furnishings you show in the photos, color suggestions and placement of artwork and accessories. The Staging Plan will be emailed within one week of receiving the information about the room and payment. For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The fee for this service is $75.00 per room.